Studio 100

A shared workspace in North London consisting of Artists, Illustrators, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Interior Designers, Architects, Web developers, Arts Administrators and a dog or two depending on their availability.


There are currently no spaces available.


The Studio 100 workspace is calm and clean (no machinery, potters wheels or kilns). It is not a live / work space or residential environment.


Top Floor
100 De Beauvoir Road
London N1 4EN

  • In part of the Northern end room, one space is used as a meeting area.

  • There are 3 main rooms at Studio 100. This shows part of the Southern end room, which contains six spaces.

  • Studio 100 is not a ‘desk space’ studio. Instead, everyone operates within their own, personally furnished and generous space of approximately 18 square meters. Some individuals have one space, some businesses need two or more.

    To maintain a comfortable environment for everyone the general the rule is one body per space. For people wishing to share a space there is an added surcharge.

  • The mixed environment at Studio 100 is it’s greatest asset and the daily opportunity to mix with others outside of your own discipline is enabled by a communal dining table in the main room.

  • Via a goods lift at the back of the building or carried up the stairs, bicycles are welcome and stored safely inside by the kitchen and toilets.

  • Studio 100 has evolved into a calm, clean and dry working space meaning it is not an environment for ceramicists, jewellers, sculptors or large scale oil painters.

  • Pens, pencils, brushes, water colours, paper, glue and the occasional computer…

  • Skylights and large windows makes for good working light for artists and others…

  • Wooden floors and red brick walls are what set Studio 100 apart from more common and modern studio space.

  • Studio 100 is situated on the top floor of 100 De Beauvoir Road, London, N1 4EN, a short walk from Essex Road, Kingsland Road and Dalston Kingsland station. Buses from Highbury & Islington, Angel and Old Street are numerous and regular.

    Get directions at Google Maps.

  • As noted above, Studio 100 does not let desk space. Instead, every individual space is a unique area of approximately 18 sq meters.